The Boy And The Golem

Description: The boy and the Golem were friends for a long time, and have traveled together.
In search of the boy's father, they go to where he grew up, places now devastated by war.

The player can at any time switch the characters and manage to solve a specific task.
The boy is small and weak but is clever and an archer.
Golem is big and strong, but slow, and prefers melees.

The game includes the boom (required for archery) and apples (to restore his health). Golem Health is restored automatically. On the way our characters will encounter enemies and locked doors, and to open the door you must activate rock platforms nearby (decorated with blue stones that are activated by Golem from on the ground, and green that are activated from an arrow launched by the boy). Some doors will open only with simultaneous activation of a few (two or three) different types of stone platforms.

Movement - W, A, S, D
Switch character - Tab
Direction of impact \ shot - mouse (cursor position)
Golem - LMB
Boy - When sandwiched RMB (Aim), press the LMB, for a shot
Jump - Space



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